Idea to market

Bringing good ideas to the Dutch and European market is what we love to do.

What does it take to bring a good idea to the market?

  1. Your good idea neads to answer the needs of the consumer. So we will listen to the voice of your consumer first.
  2. Based on your customers voice, we will produce and test concepts and preferably prototypes.
  3. Next step is analyzing failure modes in design, use and function.
  4. Now it is time for the start up!
  5. Again we check, fix and its time for the market ramp up.


Ladies and gentlemen, we proudly present:

  • A franchise formula for men care. Planned market launch Q1 2018.
  • A revolutionary storage and transport system for households introduced from the USA in Holland. Planned market launch Q3 2018.
  • A franchise coffee formula. Planned market launch Q2 2o19.